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New CyberCafePro Support Website!

CyberCafePro Support has launched our new website. This website is the official and only source of CyberCafePro Internet cafe software. The goal of this website is to bring the best support to our loyal customer. We have added many features which enable users to get fast support. From self-service options to new "member" options, wait times are significantly decreased.

New Custom Pages Temporarily Unavailable

We are currently moving the setup process of the "Custom Home Page" feature to This is so all features will be available with a single login account here. All current home pages will still show without issues. There will be no new sign-ups until the move is complete.

My Profile Page

We have added a new profile page to This page will display all your support options as well as any extra features you may use (ex. Custom Home Pages). This page will also show you support membership level which give you access to Same Day email and Skype IM. Login to see your profile page.

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