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Ticket System Up and Running at CyberCafePro Support!
Posted by Kevin Klimack on 06 August 2014 12:44 PM

CyberCafePro has added a ticket system back to CyberCafePro Support at InternetCafeSoftware.com.  This system will allow us to talk easily to all CyberCafePro users.

Our previous ticket system was not functioning properly so it was disabled in early 2014.  There was issues where some tickets went unanswered as they did not appear in the Staff interface.  This has been fixed and tested.

The system has been upgraded and ready to go.  We are using this helpdesk by Kayako Software.  They released a new update in July 2014.  The software is the best on the market and we are excited to support CyberCafePro users and potential users in the highest standard possible.

You must register to use the system.  Registration is open to all.

Register here to get the most from CyberCafePro Support

CyberCafePro Support will also be adding back the version history which disappeared with the temporary website.  Look for the version history tomorrow morning!

The knowledge base has been added back to the system also.  New articles will be published frequently as new features are added to CyberCafePro and support questions are asked.

Enjoy the new and improved CyberCafePro Support!

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CyberCafePro Support Facebook Group Now Open!
Posted by Kevin Klimack on 18 January 2014 10:46 AM

The CyberCafePro Support Facebook Group has been opened for CyberCafePro users (and potential users) or anyone who wants to discuss CyberCafePro.  Joining the Facebook group is easy.


1.  Register in the CyberCafePro Support Area.


2.  Login to the CyberCafePro Support Area.


3. Click the "Facebook Group" icon visible after registration on the "Home" page.


4. Click the "Join Group" button on the Facebook Group page.

CyberCafePro Facebook Group

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